Community Connections

Community Connections

Community Connections supports people who are socially isolated in Monmouthshire to feel part of their community by providing volunteer befrienders.
We bring people together either on a one-to-one basis or in social activity groups. Volunteers can provide company at home and may also enable people to get out to get to appointments or local facilities with the use of Bridges Car Scheme.

Community Connections helps people to live independently and happily.
Factors such as no longer being able to drive, bereavement or loss of mobility can have a big impact on how much social contact people have and can cause people to feel lonely and depressed. The support of family, friends and neighbours is vital for people adjusting to new circumstances but this is not always available due to family living away, work commitments and lack of awareness.

Community Connections can make a big difference to individual volunteers as well as the people we befriend.
We all appreciate feeling valued and useful and it is rewarding to see the difference a little time and kindness can make. Volunteers are provided with training to prepare them for their role and are given on-going support from project coordinators. We aim to provide a quality volunteering opportunity and can make arrangements to ensure volunteering fits in with other commitments.

Feedback from people we befriend: 

‘I really enjoy her visits as it lifts my mood.’ Mrs J

‘It’s lovely to have someone to talk to. My son said it’s lovely to hear me laughing again.’ Mrs S

I’d have nothing if it wasn’t for you guys! I’d just be sat here twiddling my thumbs.’ Mr C

‘I’m so glad we went out, I didn’t feel like it but I feel much better in myself for the break and company.’ Mrs R

Feedback from our volunteers:

‘I pop round to have a chat with Joy and see how she is doing; I also help her with shopping. I think she’s very interesting and has lots of things to say.’

‘My counsellor told me about this volunteering opportunity. I’ve met some friendly and interesting people and it’s given me faith in society.’

‘It has given me confidence, before I would never have been able to change my path and improve my life, it’s given me so much.’

Bridges Car Scheme has recently acquired two new, spacious and accessible electric vehicles. These eco friendly passenger transports can be booked by registered users for a variety of purposes. Our friendly, volunteer drivers will help transport you to a social here at the centre, an appointment or even take you to the local shops. Due to the popularity of the service we kindly ask that you give 7 days notice of any trips you wish to book with us.

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If you would like to learn more about Community Connections then please get in touch with a member of the team who will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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