Toy Swap – The Sustainable Way To Play! 

To responsibility and beyond! 

Ok, that isn’t as catchy as Buzz Light-years phrase but please bear with us…. In the third installment of Toy Story one of the key messages is that once you have finished caring for your toys it is important that they go on to find equally caring new homes and owners. Yes, Pixar have been imploring us to Toy Swap for years so let’s get to it! 

Clear out your cupboards and swap your toys for pre-loved toys and games! Help save the planet by reducing landfill and CO2 pollution (produced by making new toys). 

How it works: 

You can bring between 1 and 5 good quality, complete, clean, well looked after toys and games for babies, toddlers and children and receive a token for each one accepted. 

You can then use those tokens to swap / ‘buy’ other toys that are looking for new homes. 

If you don’t bring toys along to swap then a small selection will be available to purchase, ranging from £1 to £10.00. 

Toys will be arranged into the following categories: baby & toddler toys, board games, building toys, toys for older children. 

Please note that we will not be accepting: soft toys, books, jigsaws or electrical items, (we will accept toys with batteries). We will not accept broken or dirty items. 

Please only bring items in a condition that you would be happy to receive them in. 

Reduce, recycle and reuse this Christmas!